Flaviu Leontiuc – Pastor Viena: Scrisoare deschisa transmisa cardinalului Schönborn din Austria in care la acuzat de profanare pentru ceea ce a permis in catedrala Sf. Stefan.



Scrisoare deschisa transmisa cardinalului Schönborn din Austria in care la acuzat de profanare pentru ceea ce a permis in catedrala Sf. Stefan.

Dear Kardinal Christoph Schönborn

What you did in Vienna with the permission granted to pro LGBT activists to use the Stefan Cathedral space, one of the world emblems of Christian architecture has serious consequences on the way in which the ideology and ethics resulting from the Christian values is interpreted by the non-Christian cultures. It is absolutely clear that Scripture (both in the New and Old Testament) considers homosexuality as a value contrary to Christianity and we know that the Christian God hates this sin. If this is contrary to human rights, reconsider the scripture or convert to other writings. As a pastor, I ask you to repent of the sin of profanity. We love homosexuals but not homosexuality. We want their repentance but we cannot put them into spiritual service, nor do they consider repentant as long as they are in sin. We do not think that they should be marginalized in society, but we consider that they cannot perform a spiritual ministry as long as they are in this sinful state. It seems that every 100 years the European people are experiencing a terrible spiritual downfall. We are almost 100 years after the anti-Semitic Nazi expansion. 200 years ago, until 1848 the Austrian and Habsburg imperial atrocities were committed against the servants. It seems that in our century the abnormal is required as normal. In some countries Catholicism has ordained dogs. You are on a slope that will bring Austrian Christianity to ruin. I do not wish to be one of those who find out the death of European Christianity. On the contrary, I think we are called to revitalize Christian values. This is possible without pagan and demonic incursions. According to 1 Timothy 1:10 the Christian teaching was done by shame. There is still time and grace for repentance. Let’s not increase the damage, let’s repent!

Flaviu Leontiuc – Pastor Ekklesia Viena, Ekklesia Graz



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